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KBR Lifestyles was founded in 2004 by Keith and Blake Robbins. With a desire to help others, Keith and Blake set out on a path to help as many people as they could. Life experience and living the lifestyle is what sets KBR apart from any and all others.

Growing up Keith and Blake played competitive sports, studied and lived a healthy lifestyle, had many injuries and learned how to rehabilitate them properly, and most importantly still to this day have an extremely immense passion for changing other people’s lives!!

Starting out with one client at a time and doing one-on-one personal training in homes, at different parks, at various gyms, and anywhere they could train someone is how Keith and Blake truly got their start. From there they finally got their lucky break and were offered a job as the exclusive trainers for a high end production company training all of the actors and actresses to be ready for their roles. This was only the beginning of Keith and Blake’s journey. Keith and Blake then worked with a few different professional athletes and major league teams, training players. It had then gotten to the point where Keith and Blake realized they wanted more; they wanted to figure out a way to help people on a much larger scale. In 2008, Blake and Keith decided to open their first KBR Training Facility in Anaheim, CA. As business flourished, it became apparent that the need to continue reaching those in need was of utmost importance.

In 2010, KBR decided to start giving back to the community and doing whatever it could to help those in need. Keith and Blake started doing motivational speaking seminars at local schools to raise awareness for fitness and nutrition related issues. Educating society’s youth is crucial in setting them up for success in the future.

KBR Lifestyles holds fitness and nutrition to be of equal importance. In 2012, KBR decided to take their services to an entirely new level. That is when KBR Fit & Healthy Meals 2 Go was born. KBR Fit Meals takes the guessing out of meal prep, allows those who are otherwise too busy to cook the opportunity to eat healthy meals without having to eat “fast food’, and most importantly provides the service of having a complete and custom nutrition plan built for you.

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In 2014, KBR Lifestyles decided it was time to remodel and upgrade the existing training facility as well as expand and add on another facility called The KBR Fitness Zone. KBR F.I.T. uses heart-rate monitoring technology and combines cardio with strength training to create an extremely efficient and effective way of burning fat and building lean muscle.

Anyone can read a few books, take a few classes, and attain an abundance of high end certifications. As this was absolutely essential, KBR does not feel that this is what sets us apart from the “pretenders!!” Keith and Blake take tremendous pride in making sure that every trainer that is hired not only has the essential knowledge and certifications, but also has the life experience and lives the “KBR Lifestyle!!” KBR Lifestyles combines Fitness AND Nutrition to create the most effective and efficient way of achieving any desired dreams and goals.

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