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Truth: Everybody has to start somewhere. Don’t try to do it on your own. We understand the needs of beginners and have experience training people of all fitness levels.

Myth: I’m too old to workout at a gym.

Truth: We have lots of experience training members of a distinguished vintage, and unless you’re in your mid-80s you won’t be able to claim the title of Oldest Member. Working out is never a bad way to stay healthy!

Myth: I have too many heath issues to join a gym right now.

Truth: If you can walk from your car to the gym then you’re healthy enough to enjoy the benefits of our system. We have experience training special needs members recovering from debilitating injuries and diseases.

Myth: I’m too elite an athlete for KBR Lifestyles.

Truth: We’ve trained professional athletes and elite soldiers. Give us one session to change your mind.

Myth: I need specialized machines to get in great shape.

Truth: Equipment DOES NOT = Fitness. If machinery was the key factor in fitness then the gym with the best equipment would have the fittest members. We know this to be false. The more obvious factors in accomplishing your fitness goals are professional guidance and a community that can offer accountability and encouragement. KBR Lifestyles guarantees these.

Myth: Working out is boring.

Truth: KBR Lifestyles has a system that gets results and keeps you engaged. We constantly vary the workouts so you’ll never get stuck in a rut doing the same old thing.

Myth: Working out hurts too much.

Truth: When starting a new workout routine it is common to experience muscle soreness, but this usually does not last longer than a few weeks for members who are consistent in attending classes. We make sure that we ease members into a workout routine that is appropriate for their level of fitness. On the other hand, the constant bodily aches and pains that come from being overweight will never go away, and a life without exercise is guaranteed to lead to medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and/or chronic back pain that cause considerably more discomfort than a few weeks of muscle soreness.

Myth: I don’t have time to workout.

Truth: No matter if you have to stay late at the office, if you are stuck in traffic, if it is raining outside, if you have to clean, cook, study or whatever- there is always time for a workout! Unfortunately a big percent of people, claim that they have the desire to workout, but they could hardly find time to do it. If you have 5 minutes, 30 minutes,  or 1 hour, then you have time! Anything is better than not working out at all. It is about priorities. We need to set our priorities in order to achieve our goals.