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KBR: Fit & Healthy Meals 2 Go 30 Day Challenge

Take our 30 Day Challenge and enjoy our convenient, fresh, healthy, and perfectly portioned Fit & Healthy Meals 2 Go alongside our unique and innovative KBR F.I.T. Personal Training Program for 30 days.

You don’t have to decide what to eat… take essential time to go shopping, cook or clean up after your meals. Simply get Fit & Healthy while our Culinary Artists and Certified Nutritionists take care of the rest – building a custom program to help you attain and far surpass your goals.

Our Fit & Healthy Meals 2 Go paired with our KBR Personal Training Program will allow you to have more energy, sleep better, feel healthier, and get the results you desire.

Our average 30 Day Challenger loses 13-17 pounds. Those results are typical and easy to attain! Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Specialists TODAY!



Blake: 714-315-3975 OR www.KBRFitMeals.com/contact-us

2 WORK WITH one of our Fitness and Nutrition Specialists TO CREATE YOUR 30 DAY CHALLENGE.

3 Get amazing results with our Fit & Healthy Meals 2 G0 alongside our innovative Fitness Zone Personal Training Program


Pricing for 30 Day Fitness Zone Challenge

Training Days Per Week F.I.T. Training ONLY Fit & Healthy Meals ONLY TOTAL 30 Day Challenge Discount 30 Day Challenge Price
2 Days $400/month $800/month $1,200 $300 DISCOUNT $900
3 Days $600/month $800/month $1,400 $400 DISCOUNT $1,000
4 Days $800/month $800/month $1,600 $500 DISCOUNT $1,100


* 30 Day Challenge PRICE INCLUDES F.I.T. Personal Training in addition to ALL the food you will eat each week.*

(7 days of food per week, 5 meals per day. 3 large meals, 2 snacks)


***Special pricing options will be available for clients who participate in our 30 Day Challenge and want to continue with Personal Training or Fit & Healthy Meals 2 Go***