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What is KBR LifeStyles: Fitness & Nutrition at its Best!

Welcome to KBR Lifestyles, where Fitness & Nutrition are NOT just a hobby; they become your LIFESTYLE! When you join the KBR Family, you will get a team of Fitness & Nutrition experts who are passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve the results you have always aspired to attain.

KBR offers many different types of training programs designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Take a few moments to browse our site and feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have. We are here to help!! DO NOT hesitate to get into the best shape of your life!

Get to know KBR: Fitness & Nutrition at its BEST!

Success Stories:

Jessica started training with KBR in March of 2013. At 25 years old and weighing in at 254 lbs and nearly 60% body fat, we had a serious road ahead of us. Through hard work and dedication to both her fitness training and nutrition, Jessica has now been able to lose over 100 lbs and is at nearly 17% body fat. This incredibly transformation took place over the span of 16 months. Jessica has an entirely new outlook on life and enjoys it more daily.

Nick came to KBR in the winter of 2012 and wanted to finally feel comfortable taking his shirt off at the beach. He wanted to build more self esteem and the ability to approach women with confidence. After losing 30% body fat, Nick is now 6’3’ and 205 lbs. After losing the weight and creating an entirely new lifestyle for himself, Nick has actually become a personal trainer and works hard every day to inspire others and pay it forward.

It is never too late to change your life. After her divorce, Barbara finally had enough at the age of 45 and decided it was time to change things up. Like many, Barbara spent most of her time assuring her children were taken care of and had everything they needed; losing track of making sure she made herself a priority as well. In just over a year and a half, Barbara has made herself the priority and is excited for continued success.

KBR Services:

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Personal Training

Physical Therapy/ Rehabilitation

Massage Therapy

Nutritional Counseling

KBR: 30 DAY Challenge!!

Take our 30 Day Challenge and take advantage of our unique and innovative KBR Personal Training program alongside our convenient, fresh, healthy, and perfectly portioned Fit & Healthy Meals 2 G0 for 30 days!!

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